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Our Story...

DreamStreet Publishing Services was founded in 2004 by me, T.C. Keith. After years of being rejected by most Publishers and outrageously lopsided contracts offered from the few that even took the time to read my submissions I decided to "school myself" in the business of publishing. I spent the next five years learning the craft of writing and editing and gaining knowledge of the legal and business aspects involved with publishing books. During my journey, I personally witnessed a so-called Publisher toss a writer's manuscript in the trash can without reading any of it, even after accepting money to Publish it! 

Shocked and saddened, I pulled the manuscript out of the trash bin and stayed up all night reading it

in its entirety. It was "Rough" to say the least but I was determined I could make it better...

I offered to publish the book at no cost, considering the Author had already paid, but warned him that

while I had learned alot, he was to be my guinnea pig, so to speak. I tore up a contract he was about to sign with yet another publisher that he was about to sign. The contract called for the publisher to

collect 90% royalties on all sales and he had to pay them even more money for expanded distribution.

So we got to editing his book, and I got to learning how to build a worldwide distribution network. 

It took a few years of editing and revisions, time in which I built the network we needed and learned

how to write all of the contracts. The Business model I developed was simple - treat people right, do it better than everybody else and be worldwide. Well, the book was indeed completed, published and dropped into the distribution network I built and it all worked. When I got an email saying the book was available in Australia I was elated! Sales were slow at first, so I then "Schooled myself" on marketing and promotion, product placement, copywriting, and advertising. In 2013 I was finally ready to change the publishing game forever. I met a few writers, along with Billy Boner - Carole Lance, Zachary D. Switzer, James Kuenkle, Michele Davenport-Burdick, John Hamilton, Melinda Jean and Alexandria Marie - who just like myself, were first time authors and had nobody to believe in them. Again I took a chance on them and now their books are in world-wide distribution.

We are always looking for new aspiring writers to help.DREAM BIG!  It is our stong opinion that Everyone, YES Everyone  Has a Story...

So...What's YOURS?

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