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Thanks for stopping by. My name is T.C. Keith. Below is a listing of the books we either have or are currently publishing. If you have a book you want published. drop me a line at and you can always write in the guestbook.


Hush: The Morose Musings of a Manic Mind

by Zachary D. Switzer


An honest, open and poetic journey into the mind of

a person dealing with Bi-polar Disorder.


an interesting and engaging read, especially if you, or a loved one

suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder or any mental illness.




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In Two HeartBeats

by Carole S. Lance


She never would have believed that a night out with the girls and a chance meeting with a stranger could turn her life upside-down.

He never would have believed stopping by the local tavern for a few beers on his way home from work could change his life forever.


Nobody could have imagined all the lives that would be changed

In Two Heartbeats...




Dreamtionary: A Celestial Collection of Stories

by Billy D. Boner Jr.


A collection of spiritual stories that will blow your mind.

Go ahead and see for yourself!









The Deadbeat Club

by T. Coppery Keith


For reasons each their own, a group of complete strangers find themselves in paradise...

However, they all soon realize paradise is not how they imagined it.

A group of strangers become friends in order to help each other survive. But when things go from bad to worse, they devise a plot to rob banks to solve their problems. Can they actually pull it off?

Only time will tell...


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Love and Other Insanities

by Alexandria Marie

Poetry and Prose about love and tragedy with an edge only Alexandria Marie can deliver.








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The Insignificance Paradigm

by John Hamilton


Coming of age is never easy, as Eleazaar was about to learn.  The choices one makes has consequences and often determines their future. He could never have imagined just how much one of those choices, so simple and seemingly insignificant at the time, would impact what was to come, or how it would change the course of his life forever.



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Holding Onto HOPE

by Melinda Moore Watson


The harrowing story of a woman dealing with two children with this horrible disease.


One Alpen Day

by Michele Davenport-Burdick


A newly divorced woman decides to leave Los Angeles to return to her home Grainau, Germany to help her Aunt run the family bakery after her Uncle's passing. But one day, her favorite Hollywood actor happens to walk into the Bakery. She can't believe her eyes...Has fate brought them together or would he return to L.A. to reunite with his estranged wife?




T. Coppery Keith


What if the undead had a choice?


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